About Us

"Canada, the leaders in the hemp industry"

Our journey into food grade Hemp commenced over 12 years ago when we recognised the ‘standalone’ nutritional self-sufficiency of this marvellous species. Not only does it have essential fatty acids, vital to the brain functions in the correct proportion, but boasts of a complete vitamin (except vitamin A) and mineral profile including the vitamin B group including B9, (with the exception of B12) naturally, without any additives.

We conducted exhaustive tastings and tests in many countries to ascertain the best possible species and growing conditions and settled on Canada with whom we formed a partnership with the growers. In addition, we have our processing plant in the area assuring immediate processing to preserve freshness.

We use the globally approved and recognised 20/20 lab in Canada, for germination and microbiological testing to make sure all the hemp products conform to international standards.

After years of patiently educating consumers resolving countless obstacles and hindrances, we are proud to say that we played a major role in the contribution which culminated in the November 2017 legislation that now allows hemp for consumption.

Our challenges came from regulators and competitors in early days on launch. Needless to say, that ‘back in the day’ hemp was said to be ‘illegal’ for sale as a food. This helped develop our expertise and happily, our permits, transparent documentation etc., enabled us meet them and to boldly declare on our packaging that it was grown for ‘human consumption’.

We will not compromise quality and our commitment to you is to continue supplying you and your customers with the world’s finest and freshest, edible industrial hemp seed products. 

We DO NOT use any potentially harmful pesticides, in-crop herbicides, or GMOs. This not only guarantees great tasting hemp products, but focuses on environmental sustainability which is a very sensitive issue to us and obviously to you and your customers.

Currently our bulk range consists of:

• Hemp Seed Oil

• Hulled Hemp Seeds

• Hemp Protein (43% & 50%)

• Toasted Hemp Seeds

Who is using our Canadian hemp?

 All of our hemp products are available in large bulk quantities and we currently supply cafes and restaurants, ingredient suppliers and food and beverage manufacturers with our quality hemp range.