Our hemp species has been chosen with great care for taste, nutrition and quality.

Canada has the ideal climate with just the correct seasonal temperature, cold, warm, wet and dryness to produce optimal crops and account for our phenomenal quality.

Grown by our Canadian growing partner under organic conditions.
Our certified organic, high tech processing facility is accredited by international food certification authorities. Our produce testing is carried out by Canadian and Australian approved Laboratories that meet the strict BICON Australia and International authority standards.


With our quality, customers will be able to create tasty and textured culinary creative offerings together with our hemp ranges and incomparable nutritional profile.

Our naturally grown hemp seeds, without the use of synthetic fertilisers, taste better on account of this preserving a complete vitamin and mineral profile of the following:
- All the amino acids including the 20 essential amino acids the body does not produce.
- The vitamin B group (excluding B12) and very important folate or natural vitamin B9.

Our quality hemp seeds species, are of a softer and finer texture compared with species from other countries. In addition, its high oil content delivers a delicious creamier texture in blended products.

Our state of the art manufacturing equipment and high speed laser colour detection equipment, eliminates seeds not properly hulled. Husks are blown off making for a cleaner and lighter in colour hemp seed.

Please feel free to request a free sample for any research and development to feel and compare our quality.